Thursday, 11 December 2014

How To...Dress Like Yourself

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In the January 'Confidence' issue of Elle Magazine, Fashion Director Ann-Marie Curtis shares her thoughts on dressing for yourself.  Here are a few of her words of wisdom...

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.
This is staggeringly obvious, but actually easier said than done. Don't compare. Instead, look around and see whose style you really admire.  What is it about their style that works for them?  Take notes, adapt it and make it work for you. 

Make fashion your friend.
Take part in the new season trends you like and simply ignore the rest.  Sometimes it might just mean changing your shoes to keep your look current. Fashion is supposed to be fun.  There is a joy in choosing what to wear everyday; just make sure you are dressing for yourself and not to keep up with other people.   

Rules are meant to be broken.
Fashion magazines are full of advice on how to dress. But it doesn't mean that all of it applies to you all of the time.  

Try it, you might like it.
Women are good at deciding which things don't work for them.  But this can often be based on one bad experience years ago.  

I am a woman, hear me roar.
Sometimes it is not about what you're wearing, but how.  It doesn't matter whether your clothes are from Céline or Top Shop as long as you feel good in them.  Scientific studies show that smiling even when you're not happy can make you feel happier.  So look like you love how you look and chances are everyone else will too.  

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